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Philadelphia Freedom This Is A Great Cheese Steak Casserole!

When my brother first moved into his very own house after college, he invited everyone over for a dinner. I had to show up for this, because I didn’t even know that he could cook! This I simply had to see for myself. That, and I wanted to share in his excitement on the purchase of his new home. The house was really nice. I was kind of surprised he picked it out all by himself. My brother was never super independent growing up. It seemed as though Mom or Dad always had to help him a long in just about any and every aspect. Going away to school must have helped him learn a thing or two.

For dinner, he put down a casserole covered in some ooey gooey cheese that looked amazing. My first question was where he got a casserole dish,and my second was how he learned how to make one. He told me that he found the recipe online on Group Recipes, and it’s the first one he made.

If there’s one thing I can say about that it’s the next time I’m having a dinner party, he can come over and do the cooking! I guess he paid more attention to mom in the kitchen than what we thought!

This is a great casserole that’s fun to entertain with as well. Not many times in my life have I gone to someone’s house and had a Philly cheese steak casserole served to me. Zero times in fact that has happened. I usually don’t like to serve casseroles at dinner parties because they don’t seem fancy enough, but this one is so good it doesn’t have to look fancy. Plated up with a nice garden salad and some fresh homemade bread, it’s better than going out to a restaurant to eat I think. The bill is a whole lot cheaper than going out to eat too, and that’s something I can get on board with!

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