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Pecan Cream Cheese Christmas Cookies

There are tons of old favorite holiday recipes that no one seems to be talking about anymore. Sure everyone loves a sugar cookie shaped like Santa Claus, but there are quite a few oldies-but-goodies out there that are definitely due a revival- like these festive pecan cream cheese cookies that radiate Christmas cheer with their red and green colors.

The first time as an adult that I made these cookies for my siblings they all had the same reaction of joy, surprise, and comfort. You see, they had forgotten that my mom used to make these every year – I guess until she thought it had become an outdated recipe. Even I had forgotten that she used to make them until I saw a photo of these little treats and had a very strong flashback to age 8 and helping her roll the dough log in colored sugar. So, I can say from personal experience this is a good cookie to make with kids despite the tiny wayward grains of sugar that are involved.

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