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Out With the Gold! in With Rubbed Bronze Look

I painted one coat and waited a few minutes for it to dry and proceeded to add a second coat.

I painted everything including the side metal plates. Two coats is all it needed. I used a small flat brush so that it made it easier to paint the edge that touches the door.

This picture shows one coat and the side plate

After it was very dry, I added a coat of this satin varnish (got it at Michaels). I didn’t want it glossy because I was aiming to imitate the rubbed brass. After a couple days, I grabbed the knob, I tried scratching, rubbing and it was sealed perfectly. So I went ahead and painted all of them. Took me about 3 days by doing 8 to 10 a day Each door has one on each side so total knobs where more than 45) but it went quickly. Not hard at all.

There it is. You can see a little of the metallic bronze which is what I wanted. I am so happy with the results because it makes such a big difference through out the house and I saved tons of dollars!

After that, I painted the ones in the front door.

This is the outside of the front door.

I also painted the gold toilet paper holder in the powder room.