Old-Fashioned Blackberry Cobbler just like mom used to make!

Blackberry cobbler brings back some warm and cozy memories of days gone by. This was my father’s favorite dessert and is fondly remembered by everyone in our family. I’ve tweaked mom’s recipe over the years and am thrilled with this version as it’s the best ever!

Why does this old-fashioned blackberry cobbler look more like pie?

This kind of old-fashioned blackberry cobbler is very much like a deep dish pie with extra juice. Most cobbler recipes have a drop biscuit topping over syrupy, soupy fruit. Back in the day, cobblers were often made with a flaky crust layered, or floating, between scoops of juicy fruits. A similar approach is used in making a pandowdy.  The crust on a pandowdy is cooked on top then pushed down into the juices while it bakes, to make the most of the juices.  What makes this recipe special is that the delicious middle layer of pastry is pre-baked to a crispy golden brown, and so does not get soggy.
This cobbler can be adapted using a drop biscuit topping instead of pastry crust if you prefer. Make the berry mixture as instructed in the recipe and pour into the prepared pan. Cover the berries with mounds of the sweet biscuit topping and bake. The recipe for the biscuit topping can be found HERE on our Easy Plum Cobbler recipe.

Pick wild blackberries if you can find them, and make some memories!

Each summer when I was a young girl we’d get up early (early for summer), dress in long sleeved shirts, long pants, boots and hats and head out with Mom and Dad to pick blackberries.  The extra clothing helped protect us from ticks and chiggers.  Mom saved old plastic milk jugs and cut a big hole out of the top, leaving the handle intact, for each of us to collect our berry bounty.  We headed out to the fields near our home and picked blackberries until our fingers were purple and the heat was too much to bear.  Mom would spend the day cleaning berries, make jelly or jam and of course, a blackberry cobbler.


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