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Nutter Butter and Chocolate Overload Cupcakes

My husband loves chocolate and peanut butter. I took the idea from my Death by Oreo Cupcakes and did something for him. Sometimes the simple ideas are the best.
-I’m making these for a Halloween pitch-in tomorrow so I’m going to scoop out a small amount of cupcake before frosting it; place a dab of icing and then make tombstones from the mini Nutter Butter cookies and sprinkle the cake crumbs to resemble a burrowed out grave. Hoping it turns out ok. This cupcakes look delicious and all my coworkers are chocolate / peanut butter lovers! Thanks for the great recipe!
-I made these earlier this week for a teacher’s birthday at the school where I work. Never have I had the postive responses from a cupcake that these brought! Other teachers have emailed me asking for the recipe…one teacher told me he had dreams of them and requested I make some for his birthday in December! A few of our students were allowed to get cupcakes and today a 7th grader asked if there were any more cupcakes. The “birthday” teacher told him no and he replied, “That was the best cupcake I’ve ever had in my life.” He didn’t know I had made them, but when he found out he said, “Ms. Thompson, don’t you think we need to have an end of the year party with more cupcakes?” I just may have to do that! THANK YOU FOR SUCH A WONDERFUL TREAT! All of Lufkin Middle School thanks you, too!
-These cupcakes were the hit at my bunco night, I had 2 ladies who couldn’t consentrate on playing bunco for thinking about the cupcakes, they would say 3 more rounds then cupcake time, then 1 more round till cupcake time. They were the first ones to get to the cupcakes during break time. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

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