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Now This Is How Lasagna Should Be Done!

My kids play just about every sport under the sun. Sometimes they are involved in more than one sport at a time. It’s craziness. I hardly ever get to make, or eat, a homemade meal during the school year. It can get frustrating after a few days, or weeks, depending on how long we go. I don’t mind fast food once in a while, but that gets old quickly. When I was new in the sports mom world, I had to ask some of the other parents how they did it without eating junk all the time.

Of course, the crock pot. I felt kind of silly that I never thought of that myself, but what can you do. I pulled mine out and started whipping all kinds of things up in it. It was so nice to come home and eat something I prepared in between work and practice or games.

One of my favorite recipes in this garlic chicken alfredo lasagna. Holy smoley is it good. I could eat this once a week I think. I just buy those five minute garlic breads in the frozen food section and we have a complete meal any night of the week.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Julie’s Eats & Treats