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Norma’s Hot Dog & Hamburger Relish

I started making this back when I first got married. Times were hard and money was tight down in Southern Ohio back then. Now that I’m living in PA, I couldn’t find green tomatoes anywhere. I’m growing some tomato plants but not getting much off of them so I went to a local farmer and asked him if he would sell me some green tomatoes and sure enough that sweet farmer did so here is the results of my finding green tomatoes for this recipe that I surely don’t remember where I got back then. But think it was at our local county fair. Just know my family and friends love it.
-This is perfect!! We grow a HUGE garden every year (well i do lol hubby just does the plowing and tilling) And i planted 40 tomato plants and now have a NEW recipe to add to my green tomato ones! I will for sure make this when my ‘maters get big enough!! (I also plant a very old tomato plant called ripe green ‘maters and they are not ripe until they turn green (these seeds were passed down to me from my sweet daddy) and could work in this as well!)
-Norma, just stopped in to say hi and I finally got green tomatoes this year to make your relish. I just made a quadruple batch last Friday. I think I got somewhere around 28 pint and 1/2 pint combined. We absolutely loved it last year when I used the cucumbers instead of green tomatoes. Can’t wait to try it with the green tomatoes, don’t know if I can wait a couple weeks or not to try it. LOL

Hope your health is good, Evelyn

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