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No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

When I was pregnant, I craved sweets. Not like candy bars, but baked goods. Think cakes, cookies, muffins, things of that nature. The only problem was I was pregnant through the summer, and we didn’t have air conditioning. My husband didn’t appreciate coming home from a hot day at work to sit in a house that I heated up by running the oven for hours. I didn’t really  enjoy it much either, but I wanted those baked goodies and I was willing to deal with the heat to get them.

After one particularly hot and long baking session, my sister came over for a visit. When she walked into the house, she turned around and walked right back outside. “What on Earth are you doing in there!” Is all she said. When I told her about my cravings she said, “Haven’t you ever heard of no bake?”

Oh my gosh. Pregnancy brain. I had forgotten all about those kinds of sweets. I instantly took this recipe for peanut butter and chocolate bars off of NeighborFood to make the next time the need for something like that hit me.

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