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Navy Blue Bathroom Vanity: How To Renovate Your Cabinet

Want to renovate your bathroom but don’t want to (or can’t afford to) start from scratch? Nieu Cabinet Doors to the rescue!

navy blue bathroom vanity how to renovate your cabinet

As many of you know we lived in this house as renters for two years before buying it a year ago. We always made jokes about the green guest bathroom but frankly…once you get used to something you sort of forget about it.

I would look at gorgeous bathrooms on Pinterest and think “sure we could paint the bathroom, but we’d still be stuck with that vanity so why bother?” So when Nieu Cabinet Doors asked if we were interested in trying out their cabinet door replacement system we could NOT believe our luck! In this post we’ll walk you through the process, from ordering the cabinet doors to prepping and painting the cabinet “shell” to installing the new doors and becoming OBSESSED with our guest bathroom!! {FTC Disclosure: this is a paid post from Nieu Cabinet Doors but the opinions and the project are mine all mine!}

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