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Nacho Average Casserole!

Every last Wednesday of the month my daughters dance class has a dinner with the kids and parents. My daughter looks forward to this and so do I . She gets to play with her friends and I get to talk with my friends! It’s a really great excuse for all of us to get the chance to socialize! Plus it breaks up the week and the month too. We always look forward to sharing a yummy meal with our friends.
Everyone brings in a dish and we have our dinner potluck style. A lot of times we might agree on having something like spaghetti night and each of us will bring something that is related to the main dish. A lot of the times we have taco nights. It’s easy and you’re done. Well, it was my turn to make the main dish and I wanted it to be even easier. We all have our recital that weekend and my mind was not focused on the dinner.
My daughter mentioned something about tacos and I thought of how I could make that even easier. And then it hit me! A casserole of course! A casserole makes everything so much easier. I found this nacho casserole and fell in love. It was easy and delicious. I brought this casserole and the kids loved it. The parents were just as happy too because it was a quick clean up. I’ve made it several times since.
Recipe and photo credit courtesy of Family Circle.

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