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My #1 Industrial Farmhouse Transformation.

WHEN WE MOVED FROM A TRADITIONAL HOME TO THE FARMHOUSE, I HAD A FEW PIECES OF FURNITURE THAT I COULDN’T LEAVE BEHIND EVEN THOUGH THEY DIDN’T EXACTLY HAVE A FARMHOUSE LOOK! Here’s what I did to one such piece and it is my favorite industrial transformation. For more inspiring furniture transformations click here!

my 1 industrial farmhouse transformation
Choose your piece to transformTraditional Side Table that had worked perfectly in my previously traditional home.

Select and cut your trim5 stripes of 1 1/2 ” Interior Pine Wood Casing cut to the length of the drawer front. First of all, my husband helped me cut the casing allowing for a 45 degree angle on the ends to match the shape of the casing. Then I drilled small pilot holes in the trim to allow for the small screws. I also sanded the edges and around the pilot holes with a fine grit sanding block

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