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Monterey Jack Cheese Soup

his soup has the best taste and want last long in the pot!!!
-I don’t need another soup recipe right now. But then, this does look interesting – diced tomatoes and green chiles in jack cheese soup…Sounded so good I made it this evening and it was just as wonderful as it sounded. The blue ribbon is well deserved! Thanks for the recipe, Polly!
-Actually, any member can make a comment, whether they have made the dish or not. If you want Tried and True recipes that you know have been tried by the POSTER, you go to TnT. The comments are just to give feedback and to let the other members know how you feel about the recipe, or whether it was good or not if you have tried it. 🙂
-Made this soup and it came out wonderful! I used fresh jalapenos and canned diced tomatoes. Came together quickly which was nice. I had some organic carrots so chopped them finely and threw them in. Thanks for this recipe.

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