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Mom’s Gooey Butter Cake

My Mom made this for years and has shared the recipe with many people, including my aunt, who gave it to her children, who modified the recipe and have opened a Gooey Butter Cake Bakery!
-Wow!!! This seems to be one of the most popular recipes on this site. I wanted to ask a question. Can you put apple pie filling on top of the filling before baking? Or after? And… I read about making it in cupcake tins, and it mentioned the paper liners. How could you press the base into the liners? Or would the cakes come out of the tins easily with a knife used along the edge? Woops, I guess that was TWO questions.. I LOVE rum cake, so thought I would try my next cake using concentrated rum extract in the filling. Has anyone tried that? Thanks for info.. Happy Baking.
-This recipe I believe left out the butter that goes with the cream cheese filling, I made it as the recipe says, but while searching more recipes for gooey butter cakes there is definitely another stick of butter with the cream cheese. Paula Deen’s being one of them, but others as well. We through it out, it was horrible. I’ll make it again, but the butter goes into the cream cheese and powdered sugar.
-I made this and it was delicious. I made mine with a little less cream cheese and added 1/2 cup sour cream. Added 1/2 bag chocolate chips on top of the crust and 1/2 bag chocolate chips chopped in food processer and add to the filling. Reminds me of a coffee cake and cream cheese cake together.
-I tried this recipe as instructed above and liked it a lot – then wanted to try my own variation. I used a Ghiradelli’s double chocolate brownie mix for the crust and then added a teaspoon of vanilla to the cream cheese mix. I only used one cup of powdered sugar. I also added one cup of mini chocolate chips and half a cup of Heath toffee bits to the mix. Gotta tell ya – – it came out great – baked it for 40 minutes and it was just the right amount of time. I liked the brownie crust mostly because it was more dense than the regular cake mix – and how could you go wrong with brownies?!
It was fun to experiment with this recipe!!! Glad I found it here!! Thanks!! Scottie

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