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Beef and Broccoli


I’ve now made this twice. It was wonderful with the beef and terrific with boneless pork loin too. The sauce is a little sweet, but well balanced. It’s oh so good! One of the better make at home chinese dinners. I used an electric skillet and added red pepper strips the second time. Yummy!


Fabulous! (I’m crazy about fresh ginger so I added some finely minced into the marinade. Mmmm!) Thanks for posting this.
Addendum: Made several times since first review. DH absolutely raves about it. This time I doubled the recipe (so I’d be sure to have leftovers). Browning that much beef in small batches took some extra time, but it was well rewarded. Thanks again. (Wish I could give it yet another 5 stars!)


I tweaked the recipe a bit for my tastes, and it came out very flavorful, and delicious. I added about 1/4 tsp of ground ginger to the marinade, and 1 large clove of minced garlic. I doubled the recipe, since I used a beef roast. I let it marinade for the 3 hours, and it was perfectly tender. I also chopped up a 1/2 an onion into strips to stir-fry with it. I just dumped all the meat into my pan, the onion, and the broccoli and fried it all up together for about 10-15 min. until the meat was done. Came out wonderful, and no other pan to clean up! The broccoli was frozen to begin with and was tender crisp when the meat was finished. Thanks for a great recipe!

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