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Mixed Berry Pie Ravioli

While there are some times when we like to take the easy way out in the kitchen, resulting in more time to spend around the table with loved ones, there are other times when we’re feeling ambitious and want to devote ourselves to a beautiful, delicious labor of love like this one.

Instead of a full pie or even a smaller hand pie, we decided to make berry pie ravioli. That’s right, these little babies are little pockets of fruity, juicy goodness that we find all too easy to devour. Refrigerated pie crusts make this recipe a bit more simple – although you’re welcome to make your own – then you can use any fruit of your choosing. A word to the wise though: make sure to drain your fruit as well as possible (if you’re using frozen fruit, that is). When these “ravioli” bake, the fruit releases excess moisture, but either way, they taste amazing!

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