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Mediterranean Tomato Basil Bisque

I am not too much of a tomato soup fan, but I just love this wonderful soup.It not only tastes good, it makes a beautiful presentation. Simply add some crunchy garlic bread sticks and you have a special meal in a hurry.
-Geez, Penny….you don’t have to make it. You don’t even need to look at the recipe. Do us a favor….don’t even COMMENT. It’s JUST A RECIPE!!!! There are so many wonderful recipes here….THOUSANDS. IMO, it’s not necessary to NIT-PICK on ingredients. If the ingredients don’t appeal to you, MOVE ON! I happen to like this recipe VERY MUCH!!!! Debbie, again, THANK YOU for sharing this recipe 🙂 🙂 🙂
-(and also nothing at all against this site–I’ve been a member for quite a while) Are you on Pinterest? Condensed soups are a real problem, I am not a great “from scratch” cook so I don’t make my own white sauces but I do make lots of tomato soups from scratch…love tomato soup. I use the commercial organic condensed soups (just not tomato soups) and you know we don’t use tons of it, maybe one or two containers at a time. And you are so right about sodium….if you are sensitive at all these things are (slow) killers… If you are on pinterest, what is the name you’re using? I’m on as exactly how it is written!
-Sorry, Katy, I didn’t mean to be rude. I was wrong to think this was more of a diy recipe swap. And I do look for any tomato soups but personal preference is fewest preservatives. So please don’t be sad as it wasn’t intentional, just preference and NOT directed at anyone. I’m not “miserable”…this is a food, recipe site….we can have opinions, and it is not personal. I work with ESRD people and we strive for their nutritional well being and they MUST control their phosphorous so fewest perservatives are best. We would all do well to limit phosphorous, but we’re human…and don’t always and can’t always.

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