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Mason Jar Ice Cream

One of my favorite cooking projects to make with my daughter is homemade ice cream. We make a point to do it in the summer, but since we like to cycle through chocolate, strawberry, and mint chip, it’s something we end up doing a few times a year at least. If you’ve made homemade ice cream before, you already know two things — the flavor is basically unbeatable and it’s kind of a pain to make. But not this homemade ice cream. See, this is ice cream that takes no forethought, no stovetop custards, and no special equipment at all… Just grab a mason jar, and three basic ingredients, and you’re well on your way to creamy, delicious, homemade ice cream.

You don’t need rock salt, you don’t need to freeze anything ahead of time, you don’t need a special machine to make ice cream… you just need four things:

a wide-mouth pint-sized mason jar and a lid
a cup of heavy cream
some sugar
a touch of salt
You technically don’t even need the salt, but you sure might want some flavoring, which you can add in the form of vanilla extract, cocoa powder, or even peanut butter. (Anything chunky like nuts, chocolate chips, or chopped candy, you’ll want to save to stir in later.)

Add the heavy cream to your jar…

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