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Make A Headboard Using An Old Window

For ages I have been a collector of rusty, crusty old stuff. Including wonderful doors that I use all over our home. But this huge, heavy old window has eluded my creative self, and lived in our junk pile for ages. What to do with it?

make a headboard using an old window

One day I noticed that, turned on its side, it was the same horizontal shape as the bead board headboard in our guest bedroom. A quick measure provided that I could paint it the same Fusion Mineral Paint Coal Black color, add a Moroccan-inspired stencil pattern, and mount it on top.


Little did I know that this simple project would take a couple of hours to paint and stencil but require extra prep! When I moved the window to bring it into my studio, all of the glazing on one side crumbled and fell off. Ugh. Hubby Steve then taught me how to scrape it all down and apply new glazing. Not so terrible, except when I learned that the glazing can take weeks to cure. Undaunted, I did it.

Your window may be in better shape than mine. If not, rest assured this is an easy project.

You probably don’t have a bead board headboard like I have to start off, so just paint and stencil the window and hang it as is.

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