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Mahogany With a TWiST!

I inherited my Great Great Grandmother Henry’s dining room table from the 1940’s.
My Momma got it when she was 40, my brother got when he was 30 and I got it when I turned 30 after my brother “changed his style”.
I couldn’t have been happier! I got the whole set! Buffet, China Cabinet and the Table and Chairs!
Unfortunately, Great Great Grandmother’s Table had served 100’s of Great Great Gatherings
mahogany with a twist, painted furniture
Five years of her sitting in our living room, I finally drummed up the guts to give her a facelift.
mahogany with a twist, painted furniture
I gave her the simplest and gentlest stripping I could using my trusty ol Dishwashing Detergent Technique. This got every pinch of old sealer off of her and gave me a bare wood slate to play with.
(You can see my post “Safe Alternative to Chemical Strippers” right here in Hometalk by clicking on my other posts.)
mahogany with a twist, painted furniture

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