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Luxurious Champagne Chicken

French food, aside from pastries, isn’t really something that I’ve had a lot of experience with. Or if I have, I didn’t really know it. I’ve even been to France, but due to my diet restrictions, I was stuck with salads (though amazing salads) and fish most of the time.

This Champagne Chicken though? It’s FABULOUS!

This dish is traditionally made with skin on, bone in chicken breasts and real French champagne (which is expensive). Go ahead and look at the awesome substitutions available.
Chicken breast was always what I went for up until like a year after I moved out. There was just something off putt about thighs. Maybe it’s because boneless, skinless chicken thighs look terrible. Also, I hate all of the fat trimming that comes with it. I’ve learned the error of my ways, however, and I now swear by thighs over breats

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