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Leaping Leprechauns! It’s A Blarney Stone Irish Cream Cake!

St. Patrick’s Day is one of MY FAVORITE holidays. Why? I do not know. I’m not even Irish! However, I just love the parties and feelings of togetherness that my Irish friends and family exhibit on this very special day. Plus, I enjoy drinking green beer hehe! What are some fo your favorite St. Patrick’s day traditions? I’d love to hear about them so please list them in the comments below.

You’ll find that this Irish cream cake is very easy to make. Now, the recipe calls for Irish cream liqueur but if you don’t want to use alcohol feel free to use Bailey’s Irish cream coffee creamer. You’ll have to adjust the amount that you use per your taste desires.

I’m super excited about finding this recipe over at Mr. Food. I love making desserts inspired by other countries and this Irish bundt cake truly exceeded my expectations. The cake came out moist and plump and the flavors of Irish cream were super prevalent. Serve this dessert with your favorite mint ice cream. Yum!

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