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Layered Cookies And Pudding

Chocolate chip cookie layered pudding dessert is almost no bake and takes just minutes to make. A layered pudding dessert of chocolate chip cookies, a cream cheese layer, chocolate pudding, and topped with Cool Whip. It’s the perfect dessert for summertime that’s loved by all.

This chocolate chip cookie pudding dessert is my new best friend. This dessert has single handedly gotten my kids to eat their dinner all week long. They knew that if they ate their dinner then they would get a piece of this dessert after dinner. And guess what?! It worked. They ate their dinner!

But I suppose if I knew this layered pudding dessert was waiting for me in the fridge then I would probably eat anything too 🙂 I am thinking that I need to start making this weekly just so they’ll happily eat their dinner. Good thing is, is that this dessert keeps so well in the fridge!

The base is some store-bought chocolate chip cookie dough. Press it into the baking dish and cook it. Once it’s completely cooled you spread a cream cheese and Cool Whip over it for the 2nd layer. On top of that, goes the pudding layer which is chocolate + vanilla pudding mixed together. Top it all off with more Cool Whip and that’s it.

Leave it in the fridge for at least 8 hours or preferably overnight. If you try to serve it right away or just within a few hours, it will be mush and not cut well at all. Trust me. So be sure to follow the refrigeration time in the recipe.

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