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Blooming Quesadilla Ring


Mandy Stone

Drizzle olive oil over chicken breasts and season both sides with Mrs Dash Southwest Chipotle seasoning, salt, pepper and parsley. Broil about 10-15 minutes each side, then shred . Also, add the drippings from pan into mixture of this recipe as written. This was outrageously delicious!


It was very impressive and very good! Many compliments!! The only change I made was used 1 cup of my homemade salsa plus 2 tblsp of taco seasoning.

Dana McAndrew

Was a huge hit! Although with recommend amount of chicken, I was only able to get two rows of quesadillas. Would definitely need more chicken mixture for a third row. The whole thing went in about 5 mins so I wish I had the additional row 👍🏼 lol

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