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Korean Corn Cheese

You had me at Korean Corn Cheese. When I heard those three words, I couldn’t imagine that the dish would be anything short of spectacular, and I was not wrong. (The epic cheese pulls didn’t hurt either.) This dish has seen its fair share of internet fame but our version is as creamy and cheesy as you could hope a thing to be, which means it makes for the ideal party dip or a very indulgent side dish. But I don’t really care when you eat it, I just care that you give it a try – no one should live an entire life without Korean Corn Cheese in it.

So what is Korean Corn Cheese, you ask? An excellent question. It fits into an arena of Korean food known as anju, which is food that’s meant to be served with alcohol (and with all that creamy-cheesy richness, it certainly fits the bill), but it’s also a dish that’s often served alongside Korean bbq. It works as a dip or a side dish but no matter how you serve it, you want to serve it piping hot because the glory of this dish is the melty, stringy, ooey-gooey cheese that comes with every scoop.

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