– My husband fell in love with this on Thanksgiving day. The only thing I did different was to use the drained pineapple juice plus enough water to equal two cups before boiling. I have had to make it twice since then. Will definitely become a family favorite. Thanks Robin.

– This recipe is absolutely delicious and easy to make! It tastes like a blueberry cheesecake and has a surprise tang from the pineapple. Next time I make it, I’ll pour the fruit and gelatin mix into a couple of pre-baked graham cracker pie crusts. I definitely recommend reserving some of the blueberries to use for decorating the top of the dessert.

– I have made this OODLES of times, always to rave reviews! I always keep the ingredients on hand, because it is so easy to whip up. I put it into two graham crusts, and use low-fat everything–it still comes out beautifully! I always put the blueberry stuff in the bottom and I have never had trouble with a soggy crust. Thanks Robin!

– I made this recipe exactly as written for a Christmas party and it was a HUGE hit. It’s really good and very easy to make. Since I did’t get to have very much of it at the party I decided to make a smaller batch for my husband and I at home but didn’t have the exact ingredients. Here’s how I made the second one and it was excellent. I used 1 lg box of raspberry jello with 2 cups of boiling water. I added 1 can of well drained crushed pineapple. I didn’t have any pie filling but did have blueberries I froze this past summer so used 2 cups of frozen berries instead. Made the topping the same with cream cheese, sour cream, and sugar. It was sooo good with the real blueberries instead of pie filling. Either way is great but if you’re looking for a little less sweet and more of a real fruity salad try fresh or frozen blueberries. For parties I think I’ll use the original recipe (because so many people love really sweet) and for hubby and I at home I’ll make it with a generous amount of frozen blueberries instead of the pie filling because it’s healthier and tastes so fresh.

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