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If You Do This With Mascara, You’re Using It Wrong

When learning how to put on makeup as a young teen, I remember asking my mom what the most important piece of makeup was. She told me, for moments when I was rushing out the door and wanted to look put-together, that a little bit of mascara goes a long way.

And as most of us have learned at one point in our lives, mother knows best.
Mascara is definitely a makeup staple, across the board. You could have a hardcore beauty obsession or a general disinterest in any and all makeup products, and it’s likely that you have at least one tube of mascara laying around somewhere. It’s the product that can give you a natural, bare minimum look or take your full face to the next level.
But no matter how much experience you have with mascara, it could be that you’re using this classic product all wrong. And since mascara has done nothing but support you over the years, it’s only fair that you show it a little respect back!
Here are a few of our favorite mascara hacks that help us show this beauty staple a little love.
1. Get Longer Lashes

Holding a mascara wand vertically.Kathryn Friedman via Cosmopolitan

If you don’t mess around with falsies, rest assured that you don’t need fake lashes to get that long, full effect. All you need to do is hold your mascara brush at the right angle.
You’re probably used to holding your mascara wand horizontally, but a great trick is to flip the brush vertically for the longest possible lashes! Push the brush (vertically) upward, and you’ll immediately notice that your lashes are being lengthened.
For the final touch, turn your brush back to the typical horizontal position and apply as normal. This will give your now long lashes some serious volume.
2. Stop Clumps

Mascara tube soaking in water.Ziba Beauty via Pinterest

You might have heard that to get rid of mascara clumps, you need to wipe the excess makeup off the wand onto a tissue. But, as many people on the internet take issue with, this is such a WASTE of product! However, the clumping struggle is so real, that we’re willing to do anything to deal with it.
Well, this tip will get rid of mascara clumps for good without wasting any product on tissue paper.
Fill up a cup with warm water and stick your mascara tube into the bath. Sounds obvious, but make sure that the tube and not the wand handle is soaking in the water! This will break up the consistency of the makeup and allow you to apply it clump-free.

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