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How to Upcycle Wire Lampshade Frames Into Plant Stands

I show you how to upcycle vintage lampshade frames into gorgeous industrial style plant stands that will look fab in any interior.

how to upcycle wire lampshade frames into plant stands


Where can I find old wire lampshade frames?


Here is my collection of vintage lampshades. They are both battered and dated, so I have no issue with pulling them apart to use.


Although I’m sure it’s possible to buy vintage style wire lampshade frames new, this is an upcycling project, so our lampshade frames are all reclaimed. Check thrift stores, yard sales and auctions for lampshades that have seen better days. You should be able to pick them up for just a couple of dollars.



To start, strip the old fabric from your lampshade. A pair of sharp scissors or a stitch cutter is useful as you’ll find the material stitched in places.


All the lampshades I took apart for this project had been hand-stitched. I even found an old repair to the wire frame on one of them. I spent a very peaceful hour wondering what the previous owners might have been like as I unpicked their stitching. They would never have known that the same frame they were recovering would end up as a Hometalk project!


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