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How to Repair Damaged Veneer Edging

I found this vintage pedestal table at a thrift store. There was significant damage to the scalloped veneer edging and even the cashier and the lady behind me in line thought it was hopeless. But they wished me luck all the same!

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My “Plan A” was to repair the edging. My “Plan B” was a little vague, so luckily Plan A worked!

I used Band-it veneer edging (affiliate link) for the repair. I also used painters tape, a pencil, scissors, and an iron wrapped in aluminum foil.

The new edging has a “right” and “wrong” side. The wrong side has adhesive which will eventually be activated with heat. I taped a strip of the edging with the wrong side out to an undamaged section. I traced the pattern onto the “right” side.

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