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How to Paint a Winter Scene

Hello I am brand new here on Hometalk and thrilled that you have stopped by. I am an artist, crafter and designer and over on my blog I share all about our life on Sweet Valley Acres.

I have had this mirror for many years waiting for a special project and and finally it came to me! A breathtaking winter scene!!! Our new home needed a slender but tall piece of artwork and this mirror would make the perfect base. I envisioned a glittery winter scene and the end product did not disappoint. It was so easy! No lie, I am going to show you how to paint a pretty scene and I think anyone could do it. So let’s get started.

how to paint a winter scene

1. Prepare the mirror

Give the wooden frame a good sanding if there is any clear coat on it so that the paint will adhere. Wipe off the dust from the frame and then use a good glass cleaner to prep the glass for painting.

Next, we will paint the frame. Mask off the mirror with tape and plastic so that no overspray gets on it.

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