Delicious ham and egg cupcakes for breakfast recipe that is ready in 20 minutes! Freezer-friendly, too! 

As I was thinking about a great name for this recipe, I instantly thought of cupcakes. In a way they are like a cupcake, just in breakfast form made with eggs and loaded with ham pieces. You can even frost the cupcakes by adding shredded cheese on top; however, I love them with and without the cheese.

If you have already noticed, I am a huge fan of these cupcakes or muffins for breakfast – I have made paleo breakfast muffins and cheesy breakfast egg muffins. They all use the same base and I have just added different ingredients to them, in order to make each one stand out. I might just be a little obsessed with these because they are easy to make, plus you can have a weeks worth of breakfast ready in 20 minutes.

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