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How to make your own outdoor holiday planter.

I thought it would be fun to share in pictures how we create our holiday planters. This is a fun project to do at home and a great way to be creative. I use the tried and true planter method of “thrill, fill and spill”.

1. Floral foam is my best friend this time of year. I leave 3/4 of the dirt in the outdoor planter and fill the top 1/4 with wet floral foam. I then decide on what I would like to use to create the “thrill” in my planters. In this case I used birch poles.

2012-11-22 09.44.02

2. In this planter I used Western BC cedar inserted into the floral foam and I worked my way around the edge of the planter. The plan is to have the greens looking like they are spilling over the side of the planter (spill).

2012-11-22 09.51.10

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