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How To Make Dollar Store Chunky Candle Holders

Next I used E6000 and hot glue and glued 2 pots together making sure I lined up the side seems on the side together. Then glued a set of 3 pots together making sure that the bottom of the pots are at top and bottom

Like this so I’ll have a solid surface on each end

Next I grabbed my party bowel and removed the bar code

Used my E 6000 and hot glue

Glue the pots to each base again lining up my sides to the bowl sides.

Repeat with the other set of 3 pots

Now you they should look like this

After it dries take outside and spray I used the hammered all surface paint to give it some texture

Let them dry

Came in and removed my bar codes for my glass candle holders the best way to do this so there is no sticky residue is to run them under very very hot water to adjust lifts

Now the stick should be ready to paint my final coat of white I just Stempel Dwight all over so it left a texture I did two coats

now they are ready to attach the glass to the tops use your E6000

They are looking amazing but I didn’t like my seams where the pots jointed so I added some twine

Here they are finally done

I Added them to a few other projects I have done. so check all my tutorials to find my bunny print and carrots I made. For these cute farmhouse chic projects

I just need to get some candles to fill them and I’ll be all set for my spring display.

What do you think?

For this $4 chunky candle hack!

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