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How to Make a Pallet Headboard With Wood Tile

At a conference this summer, we were introduced to a new product from the Aspect Tile Company–a peel and stick pallet tile! We were already familiar with their peel and stick stone tile as we had used it to tile Steph’s kitchen backsplash. That was a really successful project so we knew working with the new wood tile would produce good results as well.
Each workshop attendee got 30 sq ft of the tile of their choice- and we had to go with the wood! We tossed around several ideas as to what to do with the wood tile but ultimately decided to make a headboard for Steph’s bed.
The tile can be stuck to the wall, but we wanted to be able to remove the headboard when she decides to move, so we built a frame on which to attach the tile.
Watch the video to see the step by step instructions for building the headboard as well as putting together the lights.

how to make a pallet headboard with wood tile

Gather your materials. We used 30 square feet of tile from Aspect Tile company, 2 x 4s, a utility panel, French cleat and metal pipe fittings.

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