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How To Create An Organized Kids Closet

In order to figure out what made the most sense for how to lay out the closet, we wrote out a list of what we would be wanting to store in there. In her dresser, Maya has her tee-shirts, long sleeve shirts, pants/leggings, and PJs. All other clothing items (socks, underwear, shorts, sweaters, dresses, etc) were for the closet, but in addition to that I wanted to be able to put away all of her “accessories” (head bands, bracelets, etc), diapers and wipes, her carrier, extra blankets and linens, and awkward stuff like her lifejacket.
The other thing that we took into consideration was the longevity of the interior fittings – we wanted the closet to be able to grow with her and accommodate her changing storage needs. We had already built the one shelf at the top and installed a long rod along the length of the closet. Instead of doing a double railing or anything else built-in, we opted to go for an IKEA Kallax unit.

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This would mean we could have a mixture of pull-out baskets, drawers, and the top shelf of the unit for shoes. Because it isn’t built-in, it’s easy to move out down the road if Maya ends up wanting to switch things up.
We used the two by four kallax unit in high gloss white (this one), which runs about $100. We paired it with the Skubb baskets in light green (these – $18 for three), four Kallax drawer units (that fit into 2 of the box spaces), and also decided to get a Skubb hanging multi-shelf in the same green (this guy – costs $10). The light green just happened to go so nicely with the floral paper and minty doors. A couple of big bins on the top shelf (got those from HomeSense) help to organize some of the bulkier stuff on the upper shelf.

how to create an organized kids closet, bedroom ideas, closet, how to, organizing

After we assembled the closet system, we started to organize the items. To see how I did that, as well as all the finished photos, click through to the full post here!