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How To Clean Gold Jewelry Safely

Jewelry cleaner is the least likely to cause any type of damage to the items. The product should come with a soft cloth and other tools to effectively clean the jewelry. It is very important to follow the cleaning and care instructions on the label carefully.

Professional Cleaning

Having jewelry professionally cleaned is probably the safest root and therefore the most recommended. If any damage is caused to the jewelry during the cleaning process, there will be recourse that can be taken to recover for the loss of the item equivalent to it’s value.

Professional cleaning is also highly recommended for delicate items, especially chains and bracelets where links can easily become separated during the cleaning process. Other items that have intricate detailing may also benefit.

Most jewelry stores will offer this service at a nominal fee. It is advisable for items that are high end, unique or heirlooms. This is also a good option for items that have become scratched or dull over time. Buffing the item can renew the sheen to ensure that it looks like new. Buffing should only be done professionally to ensure the best results.

Keep in mind that at some point every gold jewelry item will need to be cleaned. How to clean gold jewelry without causing damage means to avoid cleaning the items with abrasive detergents, chemicals, materials or brushes if a DIY option is used. It may best to always consult with an expert jeweler before cleaning.