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How to Clean Dirty Window Tracks

Window tracks get really gross and dirty. This tutorial on How to Clean Dirty Window Tracks will show you how to clean them in no time!

On the outside of our home’s windows, the only thing protecting them from the outdoors is usually our window screens. They can get really dirty, moldy, and can even start growing mildew. I usually notice this problem twice a year. When spring comes along, I like to open all of our windows and let the fresh air and sunshine in. Then, in the fall when it cools down a bit after the long, hot summer, I like to do the same. I used to dread cleaning our window tracks! I promise, it is much easier than it looks.

Case in point…my dirty window tracks and screens. They look so gross.

Step one is to pull the screen up just a little bit. This will allow any mess we make cleaning them to fall outside instead of inside our home.

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