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How often do you clean your dishwasher? I’ll confess that I don’t clean mine nearly often enough! I wash dishes in it daily, so surely it’s getting clean at the same time, right? One look at my dishwasher filter proved that theory wrong. Ewww!
This week, I gave my stainless steel dishwasher a thorough cleaning, and now it’s no longer the dirtiest clean spot in my house. It turns out that it’s actually pretty easy to get it sparkling with minimal effort. And a clean dishwasher certainly means cleaner, more sanitary dishes as well!
Here’s a quick step by step guide for how to clean a dishwasher…
Clean the Dishwasher Filter
Start by removing the filter from the bottom of the dishwasher. Mine simply twists to unlock, and then I was able to lift it out. Each dishwasher will be a bit different, so consult your manual if necessary.
Remove dishwasher filter
The filter is where food particles get caught, so if it’s been a while since you last cleaned your filter {like me}, you’ll likely find quite a bit of slimy gunk built up on it. It turns out, it’s recommended that you remove and clean this filter weekly. A blocked filter can cause your dishwasher to overflow, so this is a very important first step.
Start by rinsing the filter off with hot water.

Then use a little bit of dish soap and rub it in with your finger. Rinse again with hot water until all the soap is removed.

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