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Honey Cream Cheese Biscuits

Looking for a wonderfully tender and delicious biscuit? Don’t worry, we’ve got you more than covered. These Honey Cream Cheese Biscuits are flaky and soft, just like you always want a biscuit to be, but the flavor is really second to none. (That’s thanks to the cream cheese, which is always a win, and to the honey butter that gets brushed all over them and baked right on.)

Now, you’re probably accustomed to cutting butter into your biscuit dough, but in this case, you also cut in cream cheese which gives these biscuits a unique tender texture and flavor.

There’s also buttermilk and the usual biscuit suspects, and like with other biscuits, you only want to work the dough just as much as you need to to get it to hold together.

From there you roll the dough out and cut it into circles, and bake until the biscuits are almost done. But not quite, because there’s one more very important step.

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