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Honey Blueberry Stuffed French Toast

I created this recipe using the flavors of blueberry and honey. The marscapone cheese adds great texture to the inside of each slice.
-If you spell and say it correctly (mascarpone, not marscapone), it may be easier to find. Personally, I can’t afford mascarpone, and would probably use cream cheese or neufchatel instead. Either way, though, it looks GORGEOUS. I can practically hear my arteries hardening. 🙂
-I lived above an Italian Bakery on Graham Avenue in Brooklyn and couldn’t resist the aroma each morning before going to work. Definetly not a place to live at if you are dieting!
-when I read the ingredients list at the top it sounds like the slices of bread are extremely thick (she calls for french toast bread or thick slices of pullman both of which are thick cut slices). So starting at the bottom of each slice you would probably take a bread knife and start to cut each slice into two slices. Except you stop cutting before you get to the top so each slice of bread won’t fall apart and will still be held together at the top. Then you’d spread or pipe the mixture into each slit. This is how I understood it when I read it – at least I think so anyway. haha 🙂 I could be wrong but back when I used to make a lot of stuffed french toast recipes this is how I always cut the slices before putting creamy filling of some sort in the middle. Not sure if I explained that very well but hope it helps. Good luck!

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