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Homemade cleaning solution for walls

Whenever you clean your home, often walls are a second thought unless they are looking very dirty. The fact is that just like everything else in your home, walls can get greasy and dirty as a result of dust particles, food and drink spillages, fingerprints and scuff marks. The good news, though, is that these are all easy to clean using a homemade cleaning solution. Jessica, a contributor to eHow.com, came up with this easy cleaning solution for walls, which uses a few ingredients you may already have in your home. This cleaning mixture doesn’t involve any harmful chemicals, which is excellent is you are concerned about bringing toxic substances into your home. By employing Jessica’s recipe, you will be able to clean your walls with ease so that it won’t be a second thought any longer.

If you require knowledge on how to remove spots from your walls without damaging them, this wall cleaning mixture will do the trick. It combines a few ingredients that will sanitise and clean wall surfaces without causing the paint to peel. What you will need are vinegar, water and your favourite dish liquid. The dish soap may be one of the most integral ingredients because it is designed to cut through grease and pull dirt away from dirty dishes. It makes complete sense that it would help remove grime from walls as well. The water helps loosen the mixture so that you aren’t left with soapy scum on the walls. By dipping a cloth in some of the cleaning mixture, you simply wipe the dirt from the walls. There is no need to rinse the walls after the fact since the cleaning mixture is thinned out with the water and won’t linger on your walls. The vinegar adds sanitising action to the wall cleaning solution.

When it comes to non toxic cleaners, vinegar is one of the best products you can choose. Vinegar is a cheap product used for cooking that most people have in their kitchens already, and it has antibacterial and antifungal properties which make it great for cleaning too. The high acidity level in vinegar is one of the things that makes it so perfect for getting rid of unwanted bacteria. Cooking vinegar tends to have a lower acidity level that can get rid of most bacteria, but if you want something stronger, purchase cleaning vinegar instead. Cleaning vinegar should be efficient enough to clean your entire home, whereas cooking vinegar is best reserved for lower impact areas. You can find vinegar for cleaning in the cleaning aisle of department or grocery stores. This mixture is excellent is you are searching for eco friendly cleaners too because it shouldn’t be harmful to the environment.

Next time you find yourself viewing your walls and wondering how to clean them, reference Jessica’s article with the recipe for her homemade cleaning solution for walls. The mixture will take only a few minutes to prepare and then it will be ready for wiping down your household walls until they look new. This mixture doesn’t just work great for cleaning dirty walls, though, it will also help prepare your walls for whenever you decide to paint them. Also try using this mixture on your exterior doors, like your garage, to make them look refreshed. Exterior doors have a tendency to become extra grimy due to being exposed to the elements and dust. Jessica even has some tips for how to remove particular tough stains from your walls and doors. Thank you to Jessica, a contributor to eHow.com, for sharing her homemade cleaning solution for walls with us.

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