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Banana Split Trifle

So I made this recipe on a Monday, and I warned the husband that he might only get cake for lunch.

Apparently, it wasn’t that much of a stretch, because when he got home for lunch I was still photographing them.

So he made lunch for himself and the 2 year old, and when I was done I ate trifle for lunch.

I mean, there have to be some perks, right?

Guys, I thought this would be pretty good. But I was kind of in disbelief about just how good it is.

It tastes like a banana split. That’s not cold.

I never realized how much I love the combination of pineapple, banana and strawberry until I made these trifles. It’s kind of amazing! And plus, it tastes like summer.

What is your favorite summer treat?

Banana splits?

Ice cream cake?



Those Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bars? Definitely one of my faves.

Dipped cones?

Excuse me while I sit here and fantasize about summer.

We are so close here in Manitoba. I’m dreaming of long days sitting out on the deck watching my husband and 3 year old do yard work.

I’m also dreaming of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Okay just fruit.

I mean I look forward to successfully growing fresh vegetables for my husband and kids to eat. Not necessarily eating them myself.

There are some of you who have this luxury year-round. There are also some of you who claim that strawberry season starts in April, though I’m not sure I can believe you.

Here, “strawberry season” is about 2 weeks long starting in early-mid July.

That being said, the strawberries you can pick up at the store these days are so much better than the strawberries you can get in the middle of winter. I swear it’s like the strawberries were actually white, and they just spray-painted them red to make them look like they’re ripe.

I love trifle.

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