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High Five’n Hershey Bar Pie

You know what they say whenever we’re lonely—eat chocolates to lift up your mood. As much as I hate to admit it, I truly do believe in that. It’s not just the chemical in it that lifts my mood; it’s the taste itself. Anything chocolate just tastes so great that you will have a hard time remaining in your cloud of doom. One bite of any chocolate and you will feel it melt in your mouth. You will immediately taste its heavenly goodness and you are already done for! You will just find yourself smiling even if you truly didn’t want to.

I found this recipe over at Southern Bite just a few nights ago. I was quite lonely because I was feeling homesick all of a sudden and I couldn’t leave for home because I have too many projects that I couldn’t abandon.

We still get that sometimes, don’t we? We just want to regress to our childhood and just eat our mothers’ cooking. So whenever I feel such nostalgia, I make myself anything chocolate and this was on the menu that last time.

One bite of this heavenly pie and I was already out of my dark cloud. This would definitely lift up your mood, I tell yah! It will cure any lonely heart out there.
For a simple dessert after a hearty meal, this recipe is just perfect. Everyone loves chocolates. They will appreciate this kind of dessert that gives them a satisfying treat after a rich meal to balance the strong flavors. Pair this with coffee and it’s perfection! I love sipping on a piping cup of Joe while noshing on a chocolaty dessert. This pie certainly fits the bill. I enjoy taking this pie to church potlucks and other gatherings, too as it is always a mega hit amongst the masses.

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