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Hide Countertop Clutter

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Once the paint was applied, I used a damp cloth to wipe it back. This gave the wood a whitewashed effect.

When the paint was dry on all three of the cutting boards, I took some sandpaper and gave the edges a light sand. I love the look of aged things so wanted to give them a little bit of that aged feel.

Before assembling the boards, I also rubbed on a coat of Hemp oil. The Hemp oil makes a wonderful finish for milk paint or chalk paint to protect it.

To assemble the boards, I worked with the backs, lining them up so that the bottoms were all even.

Next, I took some reclaimed hinges that I had and placed two of them in between each of the boards. Make sure that the raised part is facing out and not placed in between the boards because it will create too much of a gap.

Once I have my hinges in place, it was time to add some screws to hold them permanently where they were. I placed several screws in and then double-checked to make sure that the bottom of all three boards still lined up.

When I had checked to make sure they were all level, I added the remaining screws.

With the boards secured together, it was time to slip them into place and cover up a cluttered corner of my kitchen counter. The clutter cover was easy to move in and out and is perfect to conceal all of that stuff that I didn’t want to see.

This cutting board craft was so fun and was a great way to use some Dollar Store cutting boards in a new way. I hope the next time you’re there, you’ll grab some and make your own clutter cover to help keep your kitchen organized. I also want to thank KLC on Hometalk for inspiring this project.



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