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Herb/Utensil Hangers

One of the latest crazes in decor is the industrial look which I’m totally for (however, Rob…not to much) and of course most everyone loves anything green and pretty–even if it’s the cilantro you’re cooking with tonight! These hangers couple both of those loves in one fairly easy project, and I’m sure you’ll love the result.
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herb utensil hangers

-two ½”x18” black pipes
-four SLK ½” black 90-degree street elbows
-four SLK ½” black floor flanges
-tin cans
-12v Dewalt drill and black screws (or just spray paint silver screws with the same Hammered Black spray)

herb utensil hangers

***NOTE: The first 3 steps of this project are optional. I saw something online similar to this herb/utensil hanger but it was done with curtain rods which definitely is an easy project but I felt would possibly look chimpsy and may not hold well, so I decided to make my own “rods” with black piping for a bit of an industrial look.
STEP 1: Strip/Clean pipes
If you know anything about black piping–which I don’t know anything about except one thing–you know it’s super dirty! So before I started working with the piping pieces for this project, I used a rag and Acetone to clean off the residue from the piping.

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