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Healthy Banana Breakfast Cookies

Maybe it’s just us, but mornings always seem to be the busiest time in our house with everyone rushing to get out the door. Unfortunately, that means that a healthy breakfast sometimes falls by the wayside. Well, with these breakfast cookies that just doesn’t have to be the case anymore!


These wonderful little things take less than five minutes to mix together and are out of the oven in fifteen, which is really no time at all. We like to make a batch on Sunday so we have them ready to grab and go throughout the rest of the week. They may be quick (and we promise they’re delicious too), but they’re also good for you. Healthy, yummy, and fast… these are the ultimate breakfast trifecta!


While they taste just sweet enough, these cookies have no added sugar; the bananas and coconut do the work there. You’ll want to use very ripe bananas, and it’s sure nice to have another recipe besides banana bread to use up those spotted ones on the counter! These cookies are also completely free of flour, meaning they’re grain-free. It’s a nice option for people who follow a paleo diet or eat gluten free, and it means that these are lower in carbs than your average breakfast baked good. All that and they’re still totally tasty! Cookies for breakfast seems like a great plan to us, and these ones don’t disappoint.

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