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Granny Smith Apple Bundt Cake

I love this cake in fall but its good anytime of the year. Its a dense cake but its very moist.The tartness of the apples , all the spices and the slight hint of the citrus from the orange compliment eachother nicely.It has a slightly crisp outside and the inside is moist and full of apples and pecans. I really like it for breakfast with a cup of coffee but its good anytime of day.
-I have been making fresh apple nut cakes for forty nine years and everyone loves them. I can’t wait to make this one next weekend! I only have Gala apples at present. I used to make an old fashioned brown sugar icing to go on mine but love this drizzle!
-This may seem like a dumb question, but since I’ve never actually cooked with apples before I figure I’ll ask it. When exposing apples to the air when cutting them turns them brown relatively quickly, does that matter when cooking them, or should they be treated right away to keep them from turning color?
-Thanks everyone … I havnt heard of anyone using pumpkin in this recipe but if you do please post your results I have heard of people using applesauce in the place of oil in this recipe with success. I have never put this cake in the freezer , Im sure it would do fine . I wouldn’t glaze it until after taking it out of the freezer though

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