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GOUGÈRES RECIPE – How to make Gougères

Let me walk you through the experience of eating a fresh gougère. It’s surprisingly light as you pick it up — almost insubstantial — and still hot from the oven. The crispy shell crunches as you pull it open, releasing a puff of savory steam. Then you hit the middle: soft, eggy, and indecently cheesy. Two bites and it’s gone. You’re going to want to make a batch of these soon — trust me.

What Are Gougères?

Gougères are made from the classic French pâte à choux, with a generous amount of cheese folded into the dough before baking. Believe me — if newbie culinary students still scared of whisks can make this dough, so can you. The dough puffs and then dries in the oven, making for a tender, crisp puff with a hollow center.

I have yet to make gougères for a dinner party and not be met with gasps of delight as I emerge from the kitchen with the still-steaming tray. I love serving them as an alternative to dinner rolls, but they are also light enough to be an appetizer without ruining people’s appetite. For potlucks or picnics, I’ve also stuffed the gougères with deli meat and a few greens to make quick, bite-sized sandwiches.

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