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Gorgeous Vase From Railroad Spring

Step 2 – Clean

The next thing I did was give this a good cleaning! It had been sitting outside our house for over a year, and who knows how long before that! This part didn’t take very long and it looked pretty good when it was done.

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Step 3 – Spray Paint Railroad Spring

After it was clean, I grabbed some Classic White Chalk Paint to use. I laid some cardboard outside started spray painting. I had to give it two coats and wait for one side to dry before I could flip it and paint the other. In hindsight, I should have just painted it upright! Oh well, it went fairly quickly.

Step 4 – Add Rope To Railroad spring vase

I could have just painted the railroad spring and been done with it, but I wanted to take it up a notch. My idea was to fill in the gaps slightly with some natural cotton rope. Using a glue gun, I started at the top and just followed the spring all the way down with the rope.

I had to go back and tweak it a bit so it looked even all over.

I love how this turned out! I can play around with different floral arrangements to put in this which will be fun.



You can also use this spring coil to recreate if you don’t have a railroad spring!



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