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Gorgeous Apple Walnut Feta Salad

I love salads, but not just any salad. It has to be some yummy mesclun mix at the very least, and when it looks like this gorgeous apple walnut feta salad I’m a happy girl! I grew up on an organic farm so I’m a bit of a snob (or so I’ve been told) when it comes to produce. This salad screams amazing!
At most of our family functions there’s at least two salads. One of them usually looks very similar to this. Salads are something that we all enjoy, and we love trying new things with them. They’re also easy to serve for 8-10 people!
I haven’t had a salad at home for over a year. My SO will not eat a salad. He doesn’t like lettuce. He certainly wants nothing to do with a dressed salad. I think I need to start keeping some salad mix around for myself. I shouldn’t give up salads just because he won’t eat them. I’m silly sometimes!

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