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Garlic Cheddar Scalloped Potatoes

Scalloped potatoes, a dish that brings comfort and warmth to any table, has its origins deeply rooted in French cuisine, known there as gratin Dauphinois. Traditionally, this dish is baked, but I’ve taken the liberty to adapt it for the slow cooker, ensuring it fits perfectly into our busy lives while still providing that slow-cooked taste and tenderness. Adding garlic and cheddar brings a boldness to the recipe, combining the creamy texture of the potatoes with sharp and aromatic flavors that delight the palate. Perfect for those seeking a side dish that is both delicious and straightforward, these garlic cheddar scalloped potatoes are a must-try.
This dish pairs wonderfully with a variety of mains: from roasted meats, such as beef or chicken, to a simple green salad for a lighter meal. The richness of the potatoes is beautifully complemented by the savory notes of roasted vegetables or even a fresh, crisp side salad to balance the meal.

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